trI'm Eric Negri. Since grade school I've been involved in fitness and athletics. I've been an athlete, a player and a coach. In 2004, at 44, I became a personal trainer and have acquired certifications from The National Academcy of Sports Medicine (NASM), The National Exercise & Sport Trainers Association(NESTA) and The American Council on Exercise(ACE). I have worked in major health clubs as a personal trainer but I prefer training people in their environment, in their homes. I connect better with clients in an unhurried, relaxed and one-on-one atmosphere. I am also a licensed massage practitioner.

In the fall of '03, I knew I needed to pursue a fun and suitable career, something I felt passionate about, exercise.

After becoming nationally certified, I began working for one of the best known fitness centers in the country. 

It was mandatory for new trainers to work “prime time” 5-8pm, when the facility was at, and often times over, capacity. It was then I learned to train on the fly. All trainers were forced to adapt their client's workouts to the availability of space and equipment.

There were times it was so crowded I would literally confiscate an area or piece of equipment for half of my client's workout and modify exercises to fit the space or machine. It was then, I realized the gym atmosphere was not conducive to changing any unhealthy habits which could lead to a client's self sabotaging behavior.

My early clients gained positive strength and flexibility results, but weight loss was inconsistent. Although I gave them a nutrition plan and stressed the importance of cardio in between sessions, I didn't have a system to hold them accountable. But, after years, I discovered a system of eating accountability with my clients who wanted to lose weight. It's customized for you and I am right there to support you form this new habit.


I quickly learned how hard people's habits are to change. Most of us, myself included, proceed with what we think is the way to do something, even if the results are minimal, rather than let someone show us another probably more effective way. So, with the help of research and a motivational psychologist, I developed a tool set that aids clients in HABIT change in a way that is fun and motivational, not painful and punishing.

During my years doing “in-home” training I've consistently and calmly encouraged clients to push themselves in many different environments. I can train you in your office, in a park, in your living- room, in your bedroom, in your garage and even in your pool. And most importantly, I help people create healthy habits and break through barriers which held them back from experiences they now enjoy.

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