• COMFORTABLE. You'll be relaxed even if engaged in exercise you aren't familiar with. You won't feel the stress of perceiving people are watching you. Only I will be witness to your performance.
  • SAFE. You won't have to worry about sweaty, staph infected or defective equipment. I provide clean and safe equipment. You won't be surrounded by hundreds of people, many in various stages of communicable ill-health. It'll just be me and you. You won't have to worry about doing the exercise incorrectly and possibly injuring yourself. I will ensure you are performing with proper technique and taking into consideration any injuries or postural challenges.
  • CONVENIENT. You won't fight traffic or go out of your way. You'll be heading home or already be there. There will be no search for a parking spot.
  • PRIVATE. Again, you won't be surrounded by hundreds of people.


  • FOCUSED & INTIMATE. You won't be distracted by grunts, groans, crashing weights or music you don't like. The sounds and the setting are up to you and the exercises you perform are designed specifically for you.
  • LESS EXPENSIVE. What good is any investment if you don't feel good? Investment in a gym membership can be minimal if you escape the initiation fee, but the cost is marginal, at best, if you get no results. The cost is great if you injure yourself by using improper form. You could use one of the gym's personal trainers but you pay for sessions on top of your membership dues. Plus, there is the gas and wear and tear on your car to get there.
  • EFFICIENT. You won't wait to use equipment. You won't have to search for misplaced dumbbells. You won't stand in line before you can perform cardio. You won't spend a portion of your personal training session alone doing cardio on a machine. Every thing you need will be in the exercise area of your choosing. Thereby, your workout will be timely, efficient and more beneficial.



Gyms don't care if you succeed. They count on you dropping out, usually within the first 90 days. “Dropping out” means you rarely go or stop going but continue your membership. This saves them from overcrowding and wear and tear on their equipment. Even if you cancel within the first 90 days they've already collected your enrollment fee and at least another month of dues if not more! When you sign up you aren't told about the hidden stipulations as to how long you have to be a member before you can cancel, or how many visits you have to make before they have to cancel you. Getting out of a gym membership is one of the top complaints received by the Better Business Bureau.

Videos and exercise equipment can be inexpensive and may garner results but the chance of injury is high and the likelihood of continued advancement is limited.

Training in your home with me guarantees workouts specific to your goals and needs, motivation, accessibility and accountability. Those assets are worth investing in. But the money saved in decreased health costs and the confidence gained by attaining your goals is priceless.



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