business workout plansUnless you are running your company yourself, your business success is largely due to the employees you entrust to implement your vision. Thus, their physical and mental well being are essential. This may have motivated you to install a gym or designate a workout area on-site. (If you haven't set aside such an area you should consider it, will explain as we go) Your employees could relieve stress, keep in shape, become more productive and feel good about their boss' concern and generosity. If the goals for gym usage are being met, I'm sure your business is doing well. But if participation is low (its not your fault, will explain later) you may consider adding the availability of a personal trainer. This augments and personalizes your commitment to their health. An investment in a personal trainer is relatively low and, again, shows your concern especially if your employees are limited by decreased room for advancement or relatively set earning levels.

Health related absenteeism and presenteeism (workers who show up but aren't well-40% women,  30% men) substantially cost your company in lost production,  lost production, medical costs and workers compensation payouts.

(For California businesses)
*Lost production $11.2 billion
*Medical costs     $10.2 billion
*Workers comp payouts
$338 billion

 Do you know how many hours your employees lose a year to absenteeism and presenteeism? The average US worker loses 115 hours annually (5% of 2000 hours). 20-35% of employees account for 70-80% of the time lost. The majority of those employees are sedentary. Sedentary employees are absent 3 times more than physically active employees.

The national average cost of health benefits per employee is $7089 and is rising yearly at a higher rate than inflation. The effects of ill health on your business include: supervisory time lost assisting the ill, reassigning work which creates overburdening workloads, extra wages paid due to over-time and training, lost sales due to canceled orders, quality of service suffers, thereby, decreasing customer satisfaction

 Would you say productive employees must have good, if not vibrant health?Without proper exercise your employees become fatter, weaker and duller mentally! They can perform satisfactorily, but you want excellence, don't you?An atrophying body creates problems which usually become priorities despite company encouragement and monetary bonuses. Concentration deteriorates and energy levels dissipate. Desire to work lessens.

The myth that absenteeism is inevitable and must be tolerated is not true according to the statistics which show absenteeism rates vary wildly between companies in the same industries.

 THE BENEFITS OF COMPANIES WITH HEALTH PROGRAMS are: 20% less absenteeism; 20% less disability payouts/accidents; 27% less medical payout; 16% less turnover; 15-200% more productivity; enhanced recruitment and finally, improved company morale and image.

The fit worker copes better.  Their mental energy is not dissipated by physical worries.  The more exercise employees commit to, the more energy they have for work and after.  They are unchained by the bondage of chronic fatigue and illness!

THE PROVEN BENEFITS OF EXERCISE FOR BUSINESS are: Reduction in stress (most common cause of long leaves); reduction in colds (second most common short term loss); reduction in depression and self destructive behavior; improvement of mental functioning, concentration and consistency; improvement in decision making, self esteem and reaction time; and finally, decrease of insurance and unemployment payouts.

 So, why don't a higher percentage of your employees use your workout facility?A study done in May 2005 revealed that most people don't rank diet and exercise in their top 12 ways to maintain health! 64% listed hygiene and cleanliness, 58% listed positive attitude, 53% listed maintaining good family relations. 65% of those polled had never been to a nutrition class while 32% had never taken an exercise or fitness class. And of those workers who used your gym and now don't, a high percentage either over-trained, didn't eat right or got injured. Most former users of your gym had physical compensations which were left unaddressed and most likely led to an injury. As an on-site personal trainer I would thoroughly assess each participating employee from head to toe through a series of exercises which involved pushing, pulling, walking and balancing. I would then be able to design a corrective exercise program to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones. Once compensations are corrected I'd begin progressing employees with core stabilization and strength training.

 With my services, your employees who do workout can avoid injury and stop wasting time on ineffective workouts. They will reach goals they couldn't because of a lack of guidance. I will show them how to workout safely, efficiently, less often and with better results. Exercise is not putting a message in a bottle,dropping it in the ocean and hoping it gets discovered. It's science.




Incentives for workers to exercise (of companies which offer wellness programs): 47% offer incentives, 29% offer cash payments.

Fitness center on campus should reduce medical co pays by 15%, gain a 30% rebate of program costs.

Individual health counseling at the workplace, especially for the unhealthy (the worse they are the greater the effect such a program has): 48% gift certificates, prizes

Have new employees partake in medical/fitness exam.

Implementing a new fitness program or fitness option could begin with a company memo or email along with my brochure. Or, there could be a company meeting introducing me. I could meet all new employees, those who are interested or those nudged to participate. I'd learn their exercise and nutrition habits. Then, after a physical assessment I would offer them a detailed exercise and nutrition plan. For those not comfortable working out in your facility, I could offer in-home training. When people start getting results, the company's new fitness program will build.

You've already shown you care about your employee’s well being by having a gym on the premise. My services augment and personalize your commitment to them and will heighten their sense of belonging and motivation to perform. Imagine how much more productive, more giving and more creative they could be!

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