My personal training methods are simple, integrated and proven

My Personal Training Methods Are Simple, Integrated & Proven

My personal training methods are simple, integrated and proven.  They are based around building muscle, building aerobic capacity and incorporating the proper nutrition to support both. This training will not include machines as they isolate individual muscles. Our nervous system thinks of muscles in terms of groups.

We are all different.  We have different metabolisms, goals, rates of oxidation and body compositions.  But, we are all essentially the same in the way our bodies handle nutrients and specific physical stimuli.  I incorporate the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) method developed by the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM).  It is progressive and systematic.  It allows clients to make the various adaptations needed to succeed in accomplishing their training goals.

There are 7 phases, although the average client will only pass through 2-4.  Initially, muscle imbalances will be corrected and proper muscle endurance established.  From there, our emphasis will be to strengthen supporting muscles.  Then, the stable body will be taken to higher intensities and volume to add strength and size if that is a goal.


IN YOUR HOME TRAINING -no waiting, no interruptions, privacy.  I will bring any necessary equipment.

DESIGN UNIQUE PROGRAM-considers your history, goals and physical needs.

STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY TRAINING-Increases-lean muscle, force production, efficiency in performance, calorie consumption, and bone density which lowers the risk of osteoporosis.  Reduces: body fat which lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type II diabetes. Lowers cholesterol.

Progressive overload is utilized which is a gradual increase of stress upon the body during exercise.  This method was developed after WWII to rehab soldiers.

CARDIORESPITORY TRAINING-increases stamina, energy and alertness.

CORE AND BALANCE TRAINING-recruits more muscle, burns more fat, gives physiological foundation for advanced training.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE-reduces tightness, thus, realigning muscles.

POSTURAL ASSESSMENT/ CORRECTIONS-relaxes and strengthens areas of tightness and weakness which reduce the risk of injury/alleviates chronic conditions (low back pain) and gives muscles the chance to perform optimally.

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