Dehydration Creates Stress In Your Body

Dehydration Creates Stress In Your Body

water drinkingEven 2% dehydration creates stress in your body which stops fat loss. Therefore, the proper amount of water intake is essential. It is also the easiest and most affordable way to lose body fat.

Water helps the body naturally metabolize and eliminate waste, toxins and fat! The fat you're metabolizing needs to leave your body. Water flushes it out. Water also needs to be constantly replenished because we lose 2 liters a day through skin, urine, feces and breath.

 The proper amount of water stops constipation. Water also helps suppress appetite. A cold glass of water between meals will quell hunger. And, cold water can also help the body metabolize fat faster.

 Water helps keep muscles and skin looking toned and tight. Water helps hydrate muscles, which in turn enables the muscles to contract. If you increase your water intake while losing weight, your shrinking cells become plump with water, helping skin look firm.

If you have water retention, you may want to decrease your table salt intake and your intake of processed foods. The more table salt consumed, the more water your body will retain, UNLESS you drink sufficient water.

Adding one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drinking it prior to meals helps the liver metabolize more fat.

 My daily recommendation is to drink .55 ounces of water per pound you weigh. If you are 180 pounds you should drink 99 ounces of water. (180 x .55=99)

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